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Using 4G in India – Is My Phone 4G Ready?


July 7, 2015 by Abhay

Recently Airtel announced 4G in many cities including National Capital Region in India.

Airtel users have started receiving messages from their service provider to upgrade to 4G ready SIM cards. We get a lot queries from our readers on what is 4G exactly? How is it different from 3G? How much will it cost me?

So here we are, with answers for the commonly asked questions about using 4G in India!

What is 4G LTE?

4G where G stands for ‘Generation’ was developed by 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP) aimed at providing high speed internet on mobile up to 10X speeds of 3G networks. 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) is one of the several competing 4G standards.

What is the speed of 4G in India?

4G networks usually work up to the speed of 49 mbps, but in India we are getting a download speed of 8-20 mbps (based on inputs from readers across India).

This is still quite higher than the 3G download speed we get here.

What are the charges for 4G data pack in India?

Currently Airtel is offering 4G packs at the price of 3G packs.
In Delhi NCR, the plans start at INR100 for 300MB to INR1500 for 10GB.

Check out the charges for your city on Airtel –

Is my device 4G ready?

There are various ways to check this out:

1. On your device

Android Users : Settings > Mobile Network Settings > Preferred Network Type
Apple Users : Settings > Mobile > Voice & Data

If your device is 4G ready, you will see an option of selecting 4G/LTE

2. Check online

a) Go to
b) Enter your IMEI Number (To check your IMEI number, dial *#06#)
c) In the output on the screen, check if your device supports 4G/LTE frequencies

Check your device’s technical specifications on any mobile comparison / online shopping website like Flipkart.

**Indian telecom operators have received official license to operate 4G LTE networks (TD-LTE) over 2300 MHz band. You have to specifically look for a mobile phone or tablet which mentions 2300 MHz compatibility under its list of technical specifications.
Although, government of India has awarded 4G LTE license over 1800 MHz as well, operators haven’t started offering 4G LTE connection over 1800 MHz as of now.

Here are some 4G ready phones which you can buy at amazing prices:

1. Xiaomi Mi 4i
2. Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) 4G
3. Xiaomi Redmi 2
4. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G
5. Lenovo A6000, 6000+, 7000

1. OnePlus One
2. iPhone 5C
3. iPhone 5S
3. Samsung Galaxy A5, A7

1. iPhone 6
2. iPhone 6 Plus
3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
5. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Please note that this post is based on the 4G services in Delhi NCR region. Please contact your service provider to know about the availability of 4G in your territory.

Hope this post helped you out! Please share your views and queries in the comments below.


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