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7 Must Have Free Applications on Your New iPhone!


June 14, 2013 by Abhay

We just loved the re-designed iOS 7 which was released earlier this week and we are sure it will attract many people to buy the Apple iPhone running on the amazing iOS 7. Check out the the new features and design here – iOS 7 Features

If you are one of the new iPhone users, then this post is just for you. Check out these must have applications on your new iPhone for 2013:

1. Google Search for iPhone


Google Search for iPhone is not only a simple app to explore the world’s biggest search engine, but it a package containing various extremely useful apps and features.

The Voice feature allows you to search by speaking your query, and believe us that it works perfectly, leaving Apple’s voice assistant Siri far behind. Google Goggles allow you to search about something by simply clicking a picture of that thing. So in case you have no idea about a product or anything, just click a picture and Google it. Another new feature is the Google Now, which gives you updates and information when you want it and get answers before you ask.

The Google Search app comes with many useful applications like Gmail, Google Calender, Google Drive, Google+, News, Readed, Picasa, YouTube, Google Translate etc.


2. WhatsApp Messenger


Yes, we know that it’s a paid application but occasionally it is available for free on the AppStore and this is an application which we cannot miss. WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular cross-platform instant messaging application for smartphones. It allows you to send texts, voice messages, images, videos and locations to your friends and family who have WhatsApp Messenger installed on their smartphones. It is the biggest competitor to the Blackberry Messenger (BBM).

It is the number one app on the AppStore and is available for various mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian, Nokia S40.

You can also download WhatsApp Messenger on your laptop/PC, check this out – Download WhatsApp for PC


3. Viber


Viber allows you to call, text and send photos/videos worldwide – for free!

Similar to WhatsApp Messenger, it doesn’t require you add anyone to your friends list. The best part is free calling with HD sound quality, call anyone accross the globe for free. The only thing required by both of you is Viber and a working internet connection i.e. WiFi or Data Services(2G/3G/4G).

This free software also gives you message and missed call alerts, even if Viber or your internet is off. Another amazing thing is that Viber is available for your PC too. So in case if you wish to call anybody who doesn’t have a smartphone, just ask him to download Viber for their laptop or PC from here – Download Viber for PC.


4. Google Maps


Never get lost again because now you can get the world maps in your pocket. Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and easy to use maps, which are linked to Google’s search engine. Get voice guided and turn-by-turn directions while you are travelling by your own car, public transport or while walking.

You can sync with your computer’s maps with your iPhone by simply signing-in to your account and can also discover places to eat, drink and shop. These maps will guide you even in the remotest areas across the globe.


5. Truecaller – Global Phone Directory


Truecaller is the world’s largest collaborative phone directory which allows you to find people anywhere in the world by looking up their phone number or name. This free software also gives you suggestions about the people whom you may know and whose number is not saved on your phone.

Truecaller can be used to know the name of any stalker or person who is unnecessarily calling or messaging you. It also helps you to know who called if you weren’t available to take the call. Just copy the number from your call history and look it up in the Truecaller app.

To un-list your number from Truecaller, check this out – Remove Number from Truecaller Database.


6. Puffin Web Browser


What’s the most annoying thing about Apple’s Safari browser? Yes, it’s the inability to run flash-based websites, videos and animations.

Adobe flash player for iPhone is not available on the AppStore, but you can still run these flash-based websites using the Puffin Web Browser. Apple may not release the flash player for iOS in the coming future because the flash-based applications pose a great threat to the AppStore.


7. Zomato


Zomato is very popular website among the foodies which provides information, menu, photographs and rating of a large number of restaurants, pubs, bars and lounges in India, United Kingdom, U.A.E., Philippines, Qatar etc. They are expanding their base in different countries and provide you with all information about any food joint directly on your phone.

You can simply search for a place, locality or cuisine or allow Zomato to suggest you some good places. The app is linked with Google Maps and allows you to easily navigate to your favorite food joint. You may even call the place by click of a button.

Zomato is a must-have application on your iPhone in case you are a food lover.


We are sure there are free software and applications which you love and want to recommend to others, do let us know in the comments below.

I hope this post helped you out, keep following for more!

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