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How To Add the iPhone/iPad Frame to Your Screenshots Easily! [No Photoshop Required]


April 13, 2013 by Abhay

Screenshots are the best and the most expressive ways to write good tutorials and walkthroughs. We also try to use the maximum number screenshots so that the users find our posts easier to understand.

To know how to take a screenshot on your device, check this out – How To Take a Screenshot on Your Mobile Phone [iPhone/Blackberry/Android]!

But wouldn’t it be great if instead of the screenshot we give you a more realistic view of our device’s screen? The screenshot along with the iPhone/iPad frame has become very popular with bloggers these days. It gives a much better and complete look to the existing screenshots.

Here check out the screenshot of our application on the iPhone 4S:


So what do you think looks better? To add a frame or border to your screenshots on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices you can choose from any of these options:

1. Download the Screenshot – Frame Maker from the Apple App Store. [iPhone/iPad]

2. Download the Device Frame Generator from the Google Play Store. [Android devices]

3. Take a screenshot on your mobile phone or tablet and send the image as an email attachment to Within seconds you will get your screenshot with your device frame as a mail. [Mostly All Devices]

We think the third option is the easiest and works with most of the devices. I hope this post helped you out, keep following for more!


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