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Transfer All Apps To SD Card ! (ANDROID)


March 19, 2012 by Abhay

Tired of using an android smartphone which lags like hell?

A few android smartphones having less internal memory often start lagging when overloaded with applications. Although the new android versions allow you to transfer all apps to memory card, but still they have some limitations.

By moving large applications to the SD card, you can improve your Android phone’s performance to a very large extent.

This method allows you to transfer all downloaded apps to your SD card in a few easy steps.


Just follow these steps:

1. Download the Android SDK for windows from this link :


2. Extract the package using WinRar or Winzip to the folder “android-sdk-windows” to the desktop.


3. Run SDK Setup.exe and click on Available Packages to the left.


4. From the list of available packages, select “Usb Driver package”.

Click on the Install Selected button in the bottom right corner and follow the prompts.


5. Enable USB debugging on your Android smartphone.

Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.


6. Close the command prompt window and untick all options (except ones like the manuals), and make sure that the USB driver option is selected.


7. Let the download complete.


8. If not already installed,


Download and install HTC Sync from HTC’s website for your device.

For Others

Download the respective desktop client.


9. Connect your phone via USB and select the SYNC option on your device.


10. Allow the sync to complete.


11. Open RUN command window from the Start Menu and type “CMD” .

The following screen should appear.


12. Type the following commands after the ‘>’ symbol at each step :
> “cd desktop\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools

> “adb devices

> “adb shell

A $ sign should pop up

> “pm setInstallLocation 2

Another $ should pop up

And you are done!

Close everything and disconnect your phone.

Restart you phone and manually move each app to the SD card by going to

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications










** Remember, this will only work if you have extracted the Android SDK on your desktop. If you have saved it somewhere else, please specify the location in the above commands. Also make sure that the “android-sdk-windows” folder on the desktop has its subfolders inside it and not another “android-sdk-windows” folder.

Some widgets may require you to uninstall the mother app before you proceed to the first step.

Try it and post your feedback! In case you face any issues, please feel free to comment.

Good luck!


  1. Shefali says:

    with its new update,,, it sometimes provide cache clearing option. 🙂

  2. Shefali says:

    but unluckily… ths apps dnt really provides an option to move to sd

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