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How To Download AppSync for iOS 6! [6.0.1, 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3]


February 6, 2013 by Abhay

NOTE – We do not recommend Installous or any other means to download cracked apps. A lot of efforts and money is put in by the developers, so please download these apps directly from AppStore. Our aim to post this is that users can try the costly apps before downloading them.

As we had informed you in our previous post, the Hackulous repo is no longer available shutting down Installous forever. We had also given you the best alternative for Installous.

Previously, AppSync got downloaded automatically along with Installous from the Hackulo repo. But now as the repo does not exist any more, you can download AppSync for iOS 6 by following these easy steps:

1. Open Cydia and add the following repo/source – .

If you don’t know how to add a repo, follow this link – How To Add a Repo

2. After the packages and releases have been updated, search for “AppSync for iOS 6” and install it.



3. Restart your springboard and connect your Apple device to your PC.

Now you can easily transfer .ipa files from your PC to your iPhone/iPad/iPod using iTunes.

I hope this post helped you out, keep following for more!


  1. BiLLY says:

    It works, thanks!

  2. dxlnt1 says:

    Appsync does NOT work. I reinstalled several times. Removed Appcake, Vshare, and Appsync. Simply does not work with any combination of installing first or last. I am using jailbroken iPad 2, and iphone 4s

    • Abhay says:

      Please download AppSync for iOS 6 only. Kindly elaborate the problem you are facing, our readers have easily downloaded AppSync from the way we have provided above.

  3. jianyong says:

    been tried 6 appsync from diff repo and finally this works!! it sync’ed ALL my cracked apps to itunes, thanks matee!!

  4. bes says:

    thank you! this helped me a lot. I thought I won’t be able to use my cracked apps again since I upgraded my ipad to 6.1.2 but after I installed appsync, and sync my ipad with itunes it worked wonderfully!

  5. areej says:

    how can i download app sync for 6.1.2? 🙁

  6. micky says:

    it worked…………………….. thankz mens
    we love jailbreak in africa

  7. John says:

    thanks! it really works

  8. john says:

    voila it works ,thnx

  9. vahid says:

    thanks . great job ..

  10. vahid says:

    it is work.. i’m from iran and THANK you all ..

  11. Lewis says:

    Hi, how do you installed cracked apps with i-tunes, i try to drag and nothing. Thanks!

    • Abhay says:

      Hi Lewis,

      After installing AppSync on your device, drag the downloaded cracked apps on your PC to iTunes. Then sync your device and those apps will be available to you.

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  13. Enrico says:

    thanks mate helped me a lot

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