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How To Avoid the “Lost All Contacts” Status!


December 11, 2014 by Abhay

I have seen so many status updates recently on my Facebook wall, saying “Lost All Contacts” either due to some software issue, stolen mobile devices or switching to new phones.

Most people are not aware that you can backup your contacts automatically by just a simple setting on your mobile device. This technique will also help you in getting your contacts onto a new device.

To automatically back up all contacts on your Android device to your Gmail account, just follow these simple steps:

1. On your device, open Settings and scroll down to Accounts.

2. If you don’t have you Google account added, click on Add account and log in with the account where you wish to back up your contacts.

3. Now select your email ID under Accounts and select the Sync Contacts box.


Now every time you add a new contact, it will be automatically added to your Gmail account.

You can also access and update contacts on your PC by logging into Gmail and selecting the Gmail drop-down on the top left corner of the web page.

– Follow the same steps when switching to a new phone.

– iPhone users can follow the same steps by selecting the Mail, Contacts, Calenders option under Settings.

NOTE: If you are getting the following error – “Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly.”, check out our post for the fix. – Fix Sync Error

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