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‘Messenger for BB’ – A BBM for iOS? [Is it Real?]


March 27, 2013 by Abhay

You must have seen the app ‘Messenger for BB‘ shooting all the way to the third position in the top charts of Apple’s AppStore.

This app by Andrew Ames claims that ‘Messenger for BB will allow you to chat via BBM from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad!


After going through the details and it’s position in the top charts, many iPhone and iPad users downloaded this app which is available for Rs. 55 in the Indian AppStore. And we weren’t surprised to know that this app was nothing but FAKE.

Earlier in 2011, there was a rumor that the official Blackberry Messenger will be released for the iOS and Android platform, but later RIM clearly refused about any such release. We suggest our readers to go through the reviews of the app before downloading it. We also believe that Apple should moderate apps before rolling them out for purchasing.

Until the BBM for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android is released, you may use WhatsApp Messenger which is the best alternative to BBM and is available for almost all mobile operating systems.

UPDATE – Blackberry announces the official launch of BBM for iOS and Android. Check this out to know the release date – BBM for Android/iOS

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