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Buy Onions Online At Just Rs. 9 per Kilo – Groupon Offer!


September 7, 2013 by Abhay

Popular online shopping website Groupon India is selling onions an unbelievable 85% discount. With onions prices touching new heights of Rs 100/kg mark, this food item has reached Rs. 60/kg in most Indian markets. You can get it for just Rs. 9/kg from Groupon’s website from 1 PM -4 PM for seven days.

According to Groupon India, “This much-coveted, much-written-about, much-craved-for vegetable is now almost as expensive as caviar, diamonds and Donald Trump’s wig! Men are scrambling to the market to pick the perfect onion ring to please their ladies.”

Groupon onions

The fine print of this offer includes:

  • Only 1kg per delivery address will be allowed.
  • Fresh stock will be procured everyday and quality standards will be adhered to. However, given the nature of product, no replacement requests will be processed.
  • Only 3,000kg of onions will be put for sale everyday, for 7 consecutive days – starting at 1:00PM each day.

This offer can be considered as the most unusual marketing scheme by any Indian company and has managed to draw attention of many hot shot websites and national dailies.

Did you order your 1 Kg of Onions?


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