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How To Download INSTALLOUS On Your Newly Jailbroken iPhone!


February 10, 2012 by Abhay

Have a jailbroken iPhone, but don’t see the Installous icon?


You can download Installous by following these few easy step!

1. Open Cydia on your phone and tap on Manage just at the bottom right part of your screen.











2. Once in the Manage section, go into Sources and click edit at the top right corner of your screen.











3. Now, just tap the ADD button to add a new REPO.

A popup will appear asking you to enter the URL.

4. Enter “”  and press Add Source.











5. Accept the source warning by tapping ADD ANYWAY.

Your phone will respring itself. Now, hit Return To Cydia and you will now see as a source.

Click Done.











6. Now tap on and scroll down to Installous. Click to install it & hit confirm.











And you are done !!

NOTE : Installous allows you to download paid applications for free, which is against the law and should be avoided.

UPDATE – Installous is no more. Download the best alternatives for Installous here – Download vShare

I hope this help’s you! Try it and post your feedback! Good Luck!



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