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Control Your DSLR From Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch!! *WORKING*


March 5, 2012 by Abhay


Photographs at high or low angles, self-portraits and studio photography are often difficult to shoot without a remote controlled tripod. But now, with the technology level touching the sky, you can remotely access/control your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera’s using you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

All you need to do is..

Download the application “DSLR Camera Remote” from the iTunes App Store.

There are three versions available on the App Store :



The Free Edition lets you remotely trigger the shutter of your DSLR camera.
For more features like :

  • Remotely adjusting camera settings – White Balance, Shutter Speed, etc.
  • Intervalometer
  • Live View
  • Video Recording
  • Burst Mode
  • Bracketing and more

You will have to buy the DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition (iPhone/iPod touch) or DSLR Camera Remote HD (iPad).

DSLR Camera Remote requires a free server software to be downloaded to your WiFI enabled computer.

You can download the server software from: Download Here


Just follow these simple steps :

1. Plug in your camera via USB to your WiFi enabled computer and open the server application.

2. Open the application on your Apple iOS device and select your computer.

And you are done!!

Press FIRE and shoot!!











For a list of supported cameras, visit

NOTE : You may need 2-3 attempts before your Apple device gets connected to the server.


  1. raiman says:

    thanks! It worked for me. 🙂

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