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Yet Another Copy from Twitter – Facebook Hashtags Coming Soon!


June 13, 2013 by Abhay

Facebook knows how to keep its users engaged day and night in the largest social networking website. It’s rolling out new features very frequently so that Facebook users never get bored of the same old thing. After Facebook emotions in status messages, Facebook is now ready with hashtags.

Mark Zuckerberg

We can clearly see that Facebook has been openly mimicking features from it’s biggest competitor, Twitter. We had posted about the Facebook verified pages and profiles earlier, and now comes the Facebook Hashtags. Hashtags have been commonly used in Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, and people often use them on Facebook too. But now people can click these functional hashtags to know what all is being posted about that similar topic and see what’s trending.

Facebook hashtags will be rolled out in this week and will be made available for everyone soon. Are you excited about the #Facebook #hashtags?

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