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Fix iPhone Error 9006!


August 24, 2012 by Abhay

Many users are facing Error 9006 while updating their Apple device or while making any purchases in the iTunes Store. This error is also popularly known as the “Network Switched Off Error”.

The main cause of this error is improper security program on your PC or due to presence of a firewall. It is because of incorrect default packet size in registry database which may occur due to the installation of a third-party software which modifies registry database.

The fix for this error is very simple, just change the location of the file which is being downloaded. Here’s how to go about it :


Windows Users:

1. Open any folder and type the following in the Address Bar :

C:\users\<your user name>\App data\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

2. Transfer the update or music files to your device.

Mac Users:

1. Open Library and then iTunes.

2. Select and place the iPhone software in a new location.

Now, you need to update your security program to get rid of this error. Here’s how to go about it.

Windows Users: Open your security program (Eg. From Start Menu) and look for the update button.

Mac Users:  Open Finder and Search in applications > Applications > Utilities and update your security program.

I hope this post helped you out. Keep following for more updates!


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