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How To Hide Your Identity On WhatsApp Messenger! [Anonymous Chats]


May 30, 2013 by Abhay

Ever wanted to send WhatsApp messages to people but don’t want to reveal your identity? Well, it is not a difficult task.

WebWhatsApp is an online service which allows you to send WhatsApp messages anonymously, using random numbers. Yes, you read it right, your identity won’t be revealed and you do not require any number for using this service. This service allows you to use WhatsApp Messenger without any sim card or mobile device and no software is required either. Just enter the number of the person, with whom you wish to chat, and you are ready to go!

To send WhatsApp messages anonymously (hide you identity), just follow these easy steps:

1. Open the following link –  WebWhatsApp

2. Select the country of the message receiver and enter the number without the country code.


3. Now enter the message in the space provided and click on ‘Send’.

The person will receive your message from some random number and can reply to your message. You chat will be initiated as soon as he replies and your identity will be kept completely anonymous! This is the best way to hide your identity.

You may also download WhatsApp Messenger on your computer/laptop to chat with your friends, check this out – WhatsApp Messenger for PC/Laptop

To know how to hide your ‘last seen time stamp‘ from WhatsApp, check this out – Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

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  1. Gh says:

    I tried to my own whatsapp phone but i didnt recieve any messeges whats the problem

  2. anoynmous says:

    number harvesting, dont do it!

    For we are many

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