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How To Save a Website or Blog Page as a PDF File!


October 12, 2013 by Abhay

For many of us internet is biggest source of information for anything and everything. From articles to tutorials, everything can be found on different websites and blogs.

Ever wanted to download or save a website or blog page as a PDF file? Saving as a PDF file makes the information available for offline reading, reading at a later time or even printing that information at any point of time.


To save a website of blog page as a PDF file, just follow these simple steps:

1. Open the required page on Google Chrome web browser and click on the ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ settings button, located on the top right.


2. Select the print option. You may also use the ‘Ctrl+P’ shortcut for this purpose.

3. Under the ‘Destination’ option, change the destination to ‘Save as PDF’ and click on Save.


Now your page will be saved as a PDF file. i Hope you liked this post, keep following for more.


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