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Instagram Stories Notch Issue – OnePlus 6


June 5, 2018 by Abhay

OnePlus 6, the much awaited flagship killer, was recently launched globally. While many people have criticised the ‘notch’, others are actually enjoying the end-to-end bezel-less display. A lot of users have recently started complaining about the Instagram stories notch issue on the OnePlus 6. The users are getting stretched images or some images & words are cut in the stories.

On searching across different forums, we tried what people suggested:

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Display’ > ‘App display in fullscreen’

Choose Instagram and select ‘Default’

Unfortunately, this did not work for us.

The real issue is the difference of aspect ratio on phones (16:9 – 18:9).
Due to this difference, when a story is posted from a 16:9 phone and opened on a 18:9 phone, Instagram will fill the screen with it so that there are no black edges. This excludes the sides of the story.

We have given a feedback to Instagram from our end and hope we get an update soon which solves the Instagram stories notch issue on the OnePlus 6.


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