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Say Goodbye To Installous, Download vShare! [The Best Alternative To Installous]


December 31, 2012 by Abhay


NOTE – We do not recommend Installous or any other means to download cracked apps. A lot of efforts and money is put in by the developers, so please download these apps directly from AppStore. Our aim to post this is that users can try the costly apps before downloading them.

As we had informed you in our previous post, the Hackulous repo is no longer available shutting down Installous forever.

But this is not the end, we have another alternative to Installous i.e. vShare.

To install vShare, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Cydia and add the following repo/source – .

If you don’t know how to add a repo, follow this link – How To Add a Repo

2. After the packages and releases have been updated, search for “App VV” and install it.


3. Turn Off the WiFi and data services on your device and launch Installous.

4. Go to Downloads and look for App VV. Tap on it and Install.


And you are done!

UPDATE – vShare can be downloaded directly from Cydia!

Simply add the following repo –

You can now enjoy free and cracked apps on your Apple device.

* In case you don’t have Installous on your device, you may download the vShare application from the following link – Download vShare

Other alternatives to Installous – Download AppCake

I hope this post helped you out, keep following for more!

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  2. Cracko says:

    Thank you so much, for this info, it helped me a lot, now i have it on my ipod ! it think its better than installous 😀

  3. Hussain says:

    You can even download it by typing app.vv in safari browser and get it directly by one click

  4. steve88 says:

    How to install vShare without Installous?

  5. Ray says:

    I tried to install App vv from installous with internet off but when I tried to download it (in installous) it just shut off .

    • Abhay says:

      Hi Ray!
      Download the file using Cydia from the repo provided above. Then exit Cydia and turn off your internet. Now open Installous and go to the downloads section, it wont shut off.
      I am sure this will work for you! 🙂
      Otherwise, i suggest you to use the alternate method provided above.

  6. wingz says:

    Good directions….but past, we used apptrackr to download app from PC, and how about Vshare?
    thx a lot..:)

  7. WinterSanguine says:

    Having a bit of trouble here. I run an Ipod 2g MC model, so no luck in getting Apps from the app store. I’ve tried getting Vshare or AppCake and the sources I enter into Cydia won’t go through. Any ideas? I used Installous to install older versions of apps like facebook or twitter but now all of it asks for iOS 4.3+.

    • Abhay says:

      If Cydia doesn’t work well for you, try downloading the apps(.ipa files) to your PC using torrents or other websites and then transfer them to your iPod using iTunes.

  8. ML says:

    I just jailbroke my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1 and downloaded vShare. I downloaded an app from there and it fully downloaded and I see it in the “Downloaded” section within VShare. What I don’t understand is where it downloaded to on my phone? I can’t find it anywhere to open it and actually use it. This is the first time I’ve ever used this so an just a bit confused. I appreciate your help!

    • Abhay says:

      Hi ML,
      Generally the apps get installed automatically when downloaded using VShare. If it is not working for you, go to
      More>Settings and turn “install automatically” to OFF. Now try installing it manually.
      I hope this helps you out!

  9. […] As we had informed you in our previous post, the Hackulous repo is no longer available shutting down Installous forever. We had also given you the best alternative for Installous. […]

  10. Robert says:

    I used vshare to download a paid app (for free) however when I opened the app it prompted me to update it, so I did, but it went through the regular app store and charged me full price for the app!! Is there a way to update the apps you download via vshare and not be charged?

  11. koryan says:

    help me!!!! i clicked intall the appvv and popped out saying ‘installation failed:invalid IPA

  12. Cesar says:

    It`s my first time jailbreaking an Apple device… and I have a doubt: some of the apps there on Vshare are not with “free” tag. Am I going to pay for them if I download them?

  13. muzzammil says:

    For those who dont know you can easily install vshare by :
    1)Google vshare on your device(using only safari)
    2)Go to vshare website
    3)click on the link it will automatically download it straight from Safari

    NOTE:you must have a jailbroken device and you must install the latest “appsync”
    PS: i wonder if we can download all apps from safari itself

  14. lee says:

    i used vshare to get a paid app and when i open the app 15sec later it crashes so what to do now

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