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Your Smartphone Can Tell You the Speed of The Vehicle You Are Travelling In!


April 29, 2013 by Abhay

Most of us often wonder at what speed does the metro train run? What is our speed while running or jogging? How fast can an airplane go? Sometimes we also wish to have a digital speedometer in our car.

You can easily know all this by using your smartphone! Any smartphone which has location services and GPS enabled can tell you your speed by using the time-distance relationship. All these calculations are automatically made to give you the real-time speed of a moving vehicle.

Apple users can download Car Dashboard to know the speed of the vehicle you are travelling in along with altitude and distance. It also features switchable colors to match with your dashboard. Many navigation applications also show the speed of your vehicle while navigating. The HUD mode allows you to project your iPhone speedometer on to your windshield by displaying a mirror image.


Android users can download Speed View: GPS Speedometer, which is an advanced speedometer application which shows speed as well as direction of travel, distance and time with high accuracy. It also features a linear compass, HUD mode, speed graph and a speed warning option.

Just download these apps and flaunt your top speeds by simply taking a screenshot!

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