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Top 3 Applications to Make Free Calls Using Your Mobile Phone!


July 8, 2013 by Abhay

With the increasing calling rates and a considerable increase in smart phone users, making free calls using your mobile phone has become very popular. These calls are completely free of cost and do not charge you even for STD or ISD international calls.

All that is required is one of these free calling applications and a working internet connection (WiFi or 3G). Download any of these applications to make free calls using your mobile phone:

1. Viber


Viber allows you to make free calls, send text messages, photos and videos to your friends and family worldwide. The best part is that it automatically imports your contacts who are using Viber. This app also gives a notification if someone on your contact list starts using Viber.

Viber is available for free on iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia Bada and your laptop or PC (Windows/Mac) too. So now you can make free calls from your laptop or PC to someone’s smart phone.

2. Skype


Skype is the most popular video calling application which is being used for a very long time. Earlier it was available only for your computer, but now the company has launched a variety of versions supporting platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone, iPad, Windows 8 tab, Android tabs, Kindle Fire HD, Skype-ready home phones, Skype-ready TVs, PlayStation Vita and the iPod Touch.

The advantage of Skype over Viber is the ability to make video calls and a huge variety of supported devices. Skype is also a free application but it also offers some paid premium features apart from the free calls.

3. Line


The newest addition to the world of free communication, LINE has been ranked number 1 in the free app category in 48 countries. Along with high quality free calls, LINE also features free text messages, Emoji messages, social networking integration, LINE games, stickers and a timeline view.

LINE is available for iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Nokia Asha and your laptop or PC Computer (Windows, Mac OS X, Windows 8).

All these applications are pretty useful for making free calls and can be downloaded for free. I hope you liked this post, keep following for more!

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