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How To Reduce Image Size Easily On Your Computer!


December 28, 2012 by Abhay

Many online application forms, presentations and documents require you to upload images/photographs up to a limited size. Photographs clicked using a high resolution camera are often very huge. This makes it difficult to upload those images.


A number of online image size reducers are available, but they require you to register and upload the image before it’s size can be reduced.┬áThe method given below is much more easier and gives you a flexibility of selection of image size and quality.

You can can easily reduce the size of your images by following these easy steps:

1. Right-Click on your image file and click on Edit or Open with and select Paint.



2. In the Image options under Home, click on Resize.


3. Select Resize By Percentage and give the percentage by which you want to reduce the size of the image. For example, putting 10% will reduce the image to 10% of it’s original size, i.e. 90% reduction in image size.

You may reduce it further if required, but do not let the image distort.

4. To reduce the size further, save it as a JPEG/GIF picture.



And you are done!

You can also reduce video file size easily – How to Reduce Video File Size

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