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How To Un-Jailbreak Your iPhone / iPad / iPod! [Remove iOS Jailbreak Easily]


August 25, 2012 by Abhay

Jailbreaking your device may allow you to cross all boundaries and take your device to another level, but in some cases the jailbreaking is not successful and causes undesirable freezing or hanging of device, calling problems, network problems and application errors.

In such a case, the jailbreak needs to be removed to get back to the factory settings.

To remove jailbreak from your device, just follow these easy steps :

1. Connect your device to iTunes and select your device. Right click and select the Backup option.

2. After backing up your device, press the Restore button under the Version option.


3. Wait for the restore to complete. Now, set up your device as a new one.

4. Again right click on your selected device, and choose the Restore from Backup.. option.


Your device will be as good as new and your data will not be lost.

NOTE – In case you do not want to upgrade your baseband in this process, kindly refer to this post – Preserve iOS BB

I hope this post helped you out. Keep following for more tutorials and news about the latest technology!


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