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How To Run Flash Player On Your iPhone/iPad! [No Jailbreak Required]


January 9, 2013 by Abhay

Safari, the built-in browser by Apple Inc has no match and works flawlessly, but lacks an important feature i.e. flash player integration. A lot of videos, animations and web pages depending on flash do not work on the iOS platform.

When we open a flash-based website it gives the following error –

” We’re Sorry
This content requires Adobe Flash Player, which is not supported by your device. This content can be viewed on a desktop computer or on mobile devices that support Flash Player.”

It is believed that Apple may never allow flash player to be released for iPhone/iPad as the flash-enabled apps pose a great threat to the AppStore apps, and may divert AppStore’s customers towards the free flash-based apps on the web.




But now you can view the flash-enabled web pages on a few web-browsers available on the AppStore, one of which is Puffin Web Browser.

A free version of the web browser is available on the AppStore, which includes a 6-weeks trial of Adobe Flash support. To extend this to another 4 weeks, use the referral code – pbjpzxepminfa. To enter this go to Settings>Check Flash Trial.

Puffin web-browser is also available in the Android Market and gives a perfect competition to Chrome.

Most of the flash- based websites which we have tried work like a bliss. I hope this post helped you out, keep following for more!


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