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How To Take A Screenshot On Your Mobile Phone! [iPhone/Blackberry/Android]


October 5, 2012 by Abhay

Want to share your interesting conversation with someone? Just came across some important website which you would like to save? Want to show-off some cool features of your new phone?

Just screenshot it!

Taking screenshot’s is possible and easy on almost all smartphones. To take screenshot on your smartphone, just follow these easy steps:


iPhone/iPad/iPod Users

In the Apple devices, taking screenshot’s is very easy because these devices do not require any third-party application’s for this purpose.

To take a screenshot, press and hold the Sleep Button followed by the Home Button.


You will hear a shutter sound with a visible flash on your screen , and you are done!

To access the screenshot, go to Photos and your captured screen will be present in the Camera Roll.


Blackberry Users

There are many applications present in the App World which allow you to take a screenshot. But many applications use watermarks or some stamps on the images.

We recommend CaptureIt, which is a simple and free application which allows you to take screenshot’s without any watermarks.

This application can be downloaded at To make the installation process easier, open this link on your device and click on the download link.

For proper functioning of the application:

1. Set the application as trusted, when prompted.

2. Go to

Options>Applications>CaptureIt>Edit Permissions

and change all the permissions to allow.

OS 6 users, go to the Search Bar in Options and search for “Application Management”, and follow the rest of the procedure as above.

This will allow you to take screenshot’s of almost any screen just by pressing the menu button and selecting Capture It.

To make this process much easier, assign CaptureIt to a Convenience Key which can be set under Options.

These screenshot’s can now be accessed in the Pictures folder.


Android Users

As the Android platform is being used in a wide range of mobile phones, there are different ways to take screenshots on Android devices.

The most common way being used in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is discussed here.

To take a screenshot, press and hold the Power Button followed by the Home Button.

The older versions of Android have a different key combination.

To take screenshot on the older version, press the Back Button followed by the Home Button.

Taking screenshot’s on Sony Experia phones is much easier and require you to press only the Power Button, which gives you the different options. Select the screenshot option and you are done!


I hope this post helped you out, keep following for more.


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