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How To Set/Change Your WiFi Password!


December 20, 2012 by Abhay

Is your neighbor using your internet? Or you don’t want everyone to have access to your internet? Then all you need to do is set a password for your WiFi router!

This is required if your are using a limited data plan or you don’t want to share your downloading speed with others. It is also important to protect you from hackers or others who may misuse your internet connection. It is suggested that you should change your WiFi password frequently.

To set/change your WiFi password, just follow these easy step:

1. Open your internet browser and go to or, whichever works for you.

2. Enter the username and password for your modem.

By default it is “admin” and “password”. If this does not work for you, try one from the list below:

default wifi password


3. Click on the “Interface Setup” and select “Wireless”. This may vary from router to router.


4. After getting to the Wireless Settings page of your router, look for Authentication Type and select WPA-PSK. (WPA is more secured as compared to WEP)

5. Select the SSID space and enter a name of your choice. This name will be displayed when you search for wireless networks.

6. Now, go to Pre-Shared Key and enter a password (8~63 ASCII characters or 64 hexadecimal characters). Try to avoid your name, surname and phone numbers as a password, as these can be easily guessed.

7. Click on the Save/Apply button.

And you are done!

Now search for your wireless network on you WiFi enabled mobile or computer device and select it. Enter you Pre-Shared Key and you are ready to surf!

I hope you liked this post, keep following for more!

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