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‘SiriLaunch’ : Siri Shortcut On Your Notification Center!


February 26, 2012 by Abhay

With the Cydia directory flooded with tweaks to enhance the utility of SIRI, we have another much awaited tweak that allows you to launch Siri on your iOS5 Apple device, simply with a downward swipe of the notification bar.

















It works flawlessly with the jailbroken iPhone 4S! For iPhone 4, you need to have Spire installed which helps you to port Siri to an A4 device.

This tweak allows you to configure the position of the Siri shortcut on your notification center, to make it easily accessible by you !

“SiriLaunch” is available on the BigBoss repo for FREE!

I hope this help’s you! Try it and post your feedback! Good Luck!



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