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Top 3 April Fool’s Pranks by Big Companies! [2013]


April 1, 2013 by Abhay

It’s April Fools Day again, and like every year all big shot companies will be playing some amazing pranks!

Check out the top 3 April Fools pranks for this year:

1. Google Inc.

The biggest search engine announces its most innovative product! Do you think ‘Smelling is believing‘? Then Google has the perfect product for you.

After the most sought after Google Glass, presenting to you Google Nose ‘the sharpest olfactory experience available’.


To know more about Google Nose, check out this link – Google Nose BETA


2. YouTube

The hotshot video sharing platform has some bad news for you. will no longer be accepting more entries. The company spokesperson said that YouTube was launched in 2005 as a contest to find out the best video in the world. The company did not expect it to be such a big hit.

Here check out the press release by the company titled ‘YouTube’s Ready To Select A Winner:

The above video clearly explain’s that by midnight YouTube will shutdown and go offline until the winner is announced in “2023“. The winner takes away an MP3 player along with $500 for their next creative endeavor.


3. Nokia Corporation

The leading mobile telephone company brings innovation to the kitchen with the launch of its first touchscreen microwave oven – Nokia 5AM-TH1N6 Constellation. It comes with 25 different performance levels, 40-litre cooking chamber, high resolution PureFood camera and various sensors.


The company claims various innovative features – “The device comes with the latest eye-tracking technology, which stops the food from rotating when you look at it, and it automatically adjusts the temperature depending on how hungry you look.”

For more details, check out the company’s website – Official Nokia Microwave

This will be available in Q2 and a price of around €399. The company also aims to launch more models of this product.


Which prank did you like the most? We just loved all three of them!

I hope you liked this post, keep following for more.


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